Multimedia Banner

The Multimedia Banner enables you to feature a short video along with heading text on the top of your website’s homepage.

The Multimedia Banner will typically replace the carousel that is on Arts CMS homepages. However, this feature can be placed at the top of a landing page layout (span 12) with span6 content formatted underneath.


The intention when developing the multimedia banner for Arts CMS was for it to be used primarily as a textural/complementary component for the site to add visual interest, similar to the current carousel. We decided on this route after reviewing a number of similar applications, as well as UX best practices.  This being said, we don’t recommend including any text within the video, as it won’t be accessible to screen readers (preferably, include the text on the actual page).

Please note that not all users will view the full video. Be sure to include key footage at the beginning and important information should be communicated through page content rather than the video itself.

Multimedia specifications

Text overlay character limit: 210 characters

Recommended video export settings: 1280 x 720p

Be sure important information is not located toward the edges as the text overlay may cut it off. Please note that the multimedia banner will automatically pause after the video has been played five times.

Recommended file format: mp4

Recommended file size: 8mb

Audio: Audio will not be played

Featured image: You will also need a featured image to replace the video for tablet and mobile devices.

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