Create rows of collapsible buttons (“accordions”) that contain content.

  • Use: Condense content on a page
  • Location: Can be used on any page
  • Capitalization: Sentence case unless a publication title (then it will be title case)
  • Special characters: If you would like to include any special characters in the accordion title, please insert the correct HTML code in the Text (HTML) editing mode; If an accordion title contains any special characters in Visual editing mode, the accordion will not expand

Default shortcode

[accordions collapsible=true active=false][accordion title="section 1"]content[/accordion][accordion title="section 2"]more content[/accordion][accordion title="section 3"]even more content[/accordion][/accordions]


accordions -- begins/ends set of accordions
collapsible=true active=false -- all accordions stay collapsed when the page loads
accordion -- begins/ends single accordion within set
title="" -- sets label text on button
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