Featured General Posts

Features a small number of general posts from a post archive, similar to the Featured News and Events module.

  • Use: Highlight a post on your website (example: Publications, Job Opportunities)
  • Location: Strategically place these on any page
  • Character limit: Excerpt (250 characters)
  • Recommendation: For grid view, use a featured image and excerpt for posts

Default shortcode

[archive-posts taxterm="" display=grid search=false only_list=true markup=ap-grid show_content=true order=asc title="" heading=h2 viewurl=""]


display ="" -- sets type of archive; "list" for list view and "grid" for grid view
markup ="" -- styling for post archive; "ap-list" for lists and "ap-grid" for grids
order="" -- Set featured post order; ASC for ascending or DESC for descending 
orderby="" -- sets method of ordering featured post; "title", "date" and "rand"
showexcerpt="" -- display excerpt on post archive; 0 to hide excerpt or 1 to display excerpt
taxterm="" -- specific taxonomy term name (eg. "job-opportunites" for categories)
title ="" -- text for module title
viewall ="" -- link text for featured post (default: "View all")
viewurl ="" -- sets URL address for viewall link text; directs user to page containing complete post archive

*Parameters italicized are optional

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