Insert a list of text links with a text title and background image.

  • Use: Highlight a list of important links to give readers easy access to key webpages
  • Location: Only to be used on main section pages and program pages (span12)
  • Capitalization: Sentence case
  • Character limit: Link text (50 characters), title (30 characters)

Default shortcode

Quicklinks (10): Insert a list of stylized links with a title and background image.

[quicklinks title="Plan your Arts degree" img_url="https://help.cms.arts.ubc.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/9/2018/11/Homepage-Quicklinks-Degree-Planning-UBC-Arts-Cropped.jpg"]
[quicklink link_text="Year-by-year planning" link_url="/degree-planning/year-by-year-planning"]
[quicklink link_text="Degree requirements" link_url="/degree-planning/degree-requirements"]
[quicklink link_text="Program options" link_url="/programs/program-options"]
[quicklink link_text="First-year study options" link_url="/degree-planning/year-by-year-planning/first-year/first-year-study-options"]
[quicklink link_text="Declaring your major/minor" link_url="/degree-planning/year-by-year-planning/middle-years/declare-major-minor"]
[quicklink link_text="Course registration" link_url="/degree-planning/course-registration"]
[quicklink link_text="Involvement options" link_url="/degree-planning/year-by-year-planning/involvement-options"]
[quicklink link_text="Dates and deadlines" link_url="/degree-planning/dates-deadlines"]
[quicklink link_text="Academic support" link_url="/student-support/academic-support"]
[quicklink link_text="Alumni career profiles" link_url="/alumni/profiles"]


quicklinks -- begins/ends list of links
title="" -- adds a title to the list of links
img_url="" -- sets an image as the background via a file URL 
quicklink -- begins a single quicklink
link_text="" -- sets label text for the link
link_url="" -- sets URL address for the link

*Parameters italicized are optional

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