Managing Users

Arts CMS is built on WordPress, which has multiple types of user roles with different capabilities and access levels. In order for a user to be able to edit the content on a website, they need to have a certain role as well as be a registered user in that site.

WordPress user roles

WordPress makes use of the following user roles and their capabilities:

  • Administrator: User has access to all the administration features within a single site; can create, edit, delete, and publish any content
  • Editor: User can create, edit, delete, and publish Pages, Posts, News, Events, Profiles, and Courses
  • Author: User can create, edit, delete, and publish their own Posts, News, Events, and Profiles
  • Contributor: User can create, edit, and delete their own Posts, News, Events, and Profiles but cannot publish them
  • Profile Contributor: User can only edit those profiles that are assigned to them
  • Subscriber: User can only view content on the site

Tip: To avoid duplicate content and potential user errors, assign user roles with the minimum level of access based on their needs.

WordPress user roles summary table

 AdministratorEditorAuthorContributorProfile contributorSubscriber
View website content
Adding / modifying pagesOnly own pagesOnly own pages
- cannot publish
Adding / modifying postsOnly own
Only own posts -
cannot publish
Adding / modifying newsOnly own news postsOnly own news posts
- cannot publish
Adding / modifying eventsOnly own eventsOnly own events
- cannot publish
Adding / modifying profilesOnly own profilesOnly own profiles
- cannot publish
Only own profiles
Syncing / editing courses
Adding / modifying forms
Adding users
Changing appearance
Modifying settings

How do I add new users to my site?

You can add new users if you are an Administrator of your site. Administrators will need the following information from a prospective new user:

  • The new user’s CWL username
  • The new user’s email address

After gathering this info, the Administrator will need to go to Users > Add New User in their site’s dashboard and input the collected info.

They will also decide what level of access the user should have (e.g. Administrator, Subscriber, Author) before sending the invitation.

If the user provided a valid CWL and email, they will get a notification in their inbox and a link to log in to the site. All users of Arts CMS sites log in with their CWL username and its associated password.

Adding profile contributors to your site

Please follow the instructions below on how to add new users as profile contributors to your website, and grant them permission to edit their profile:

  • Add the user to the website using the instructions above.
  • Once the user has been added to the website, navigate to Profiles from the dashboard.
  • Click on the “Inline Edit” button on the top actions bar. The “Inline Edit” button will turn red when in the Inline Edit Mode.
  • Under the “Author” column, click on the Pencil Icon that appears beside the CWL user name.
  • Search and select the user’s CWL user name from the dropdown list.
  • Click on the “Inline Edit” icon at the top actions bar to save the new profile author. The “Inline Edit” button will turn blue when you have left the Inline Edit mode.


If you are logged into a website and cannot make edits even though you should have the capability to do so, you will need to find out your current account status and role, and determine the level of access you will need in order to complete your tasks on your site.

If a user cannot access or edit parts of the website, first check if they have been added to the site’s “Users”, then check their user role. Based on their level of access they may not have the ability to access certain tools or sections of the website.


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