Featured News and Events

Features one to three News or Events posts from the archive directly onto a selected page.

To insert this module onto a page:

  • Click on the Add Module button in the bar of the body editor
  • Select Featured News and Events
  • Select the post type you want to add, either News or Events
  • Select the number of posts you want to display on the page (1, 2, or 3)
  • Add a heading
  • Filter by a specific taxonomy, i.e. category, type, topic, or tag
  • And for the Filter Slug, add the slug of the category, type, topic, or tag of the related posts
    • To find the Filter slug, go to the category, type, topic, or tag section of your dashboard, locate the desired taxonomy and the slug will appear in the respective column

Step 1: Click on the Add Module button


Step 2: Select Featured News and Events


Step 3: Add the details of your Featured News and Events module


Default shortcode

Featured News

[featured_post type="news" heading="Featured News" filter_by="news-category" filter_slug="uncategorized"  number="1" link_text="" link_url=""]

Featured Events

[featured_post type="event" heading="Featured Events" filter_by="" filter_slug=""  number="1" link_text="" link_url=""]


featured_post -- begins a display of featured posts
type="" -- choose "news" to feature News posts or "event" to feature Events posts
heading="" -- set display heading text
filter_by="" -- set type of taxonomy to display: "news-category", "news-type" or "news-topic" for News; "event-category", "event-type" or "event-topic" for Events
filter_slug="" -- set specific slug that belongs to the chosen taxonomy (e.g. Go to News > Categories in the Dashboard to see list of News categories and their slugs)
number="" -- choose "1", "2" or "3" - sets number of featured posts to display
link_text="" -- change the default "View All News" link text to a different message (e.g. link_text="View All Related News")
link_url="" -- change the default "/news/" link to a different page URL (e.g. link_url="/news/?topic=research")

*Parameters italicized are optional

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