Displaying Social Media Links

Displaying social media links is a great way to direct your website audience to your social media accounts.

On Arts CMS, we’ve created best practices for displaying your social media links on your website.

Displaying your main social media links

You can set up your main social media links so they appear as icons in the footer of your website. This method only allows for one account to be linked per platform, so we recommend using your main social media accounts in the footer.

If you have multiple social media accounts per platform (for example, more than one Facebook account), we recommend adding your most active account within the footer and then adding the other accounts using our alternative method.

How to display social media links in the footer

From your Dashboard:

  1. Go to Appearance > Theme Options
  2. Scroll to the Unit Contact Info section of the page
  3. Find the Social Links subsection
  4. Once here, you should see a list of social media fields where you can copy and paste your social media account URLs
    • The available fields are for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest, but you can only add one link per field.
  5. Click Save Changes in the bottom left area of your screen.

Displaying multiple social media links

If you have multiple social media links per account (for example, more than one Facebook account), then we recommend you display your social media links on the Contact Us page within the About section of your website.

Using general web best practices, we recommend using Headers and other styling tools to best organize this information.

In our example below, we have organized our social media links under a H2 heading: “Follow us on social media”. This indicates that it’s a new subsection of this page and will display in the right side menu. If you have more subgroups, please follow our best practices on Headings.

When listing social media links, we want to make sure that each account is properly highlighted. We recommend putting the name of the platform in bold font and then pasting a hyperlink to the account directly underneath (you can remove the “https://” for the display). If you have multiple accounts on the same platform, be sure to specify the difference.

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