News Posts

News posts are used for sharing departmental news in a more visual and engaging way. News posts could include feature stories on faculty members, students, or alumni, student achievements, groundbreaking research, new publications, and other news-worthy content.

Add and Edit a News Post

To add a News post

  • In your Dashboard go to News (located on the side navigation menu)
  • Click on Add New to create a new News post

To edit an existing News post

  • In your Dashboard go to News
  • A list of News post will be displayed on the screen. Click on your News post to edit it, you can also use the search bar near the top of the page to quickly find the News post

What are the different taxonomies?

Similar to Events, News posts can be organized by four kinds of taxonomies: types, topics, categories, and tags.

Types and Topics appear as the main filtering options on the news archive page ( Types are standard across the Faculty and are used to generally describe the type of news — In the Media, Student News, Announcement, Accomplishment, Research, Profile, Alumni. Topics are standard across your site (used for News, Events, and Profiles) and are typically your unit’s main research areas or areas of interest.

Categories and Tags do not appear as filtering options on the news archive page but add additional value to the post. Categories are used to indicate specific news posts to be displayed as a Featured Item on specific pages. Tags are used to add additional context to posts and are searchable within the website and search engines.

What are Excerpts and Featured Images?

The news items preview — as seen on the archive page, in list feeds, and as a featured item — will always display an excerpt and featured image.

Excerpts are brief summaries (1-2 sentences) of the news article. By default, the first few lines of the news post will be used if no excerpt is written, but it may cut off a sentence or word. It is recommended to always include a custom excerpt for each news post.

Featured Images are the main image associated with your news article. A default image will appear if no featured image is selected. The featured image will not appear in the body of the article but will appear in the news item preview. If you would like the same featured image to appear in the body of the article, you must insert the image by using the Embedded Image module.

Insert embedded image modules to News and Event posts to add a variety of visual elements.

What is a footer news feed?

The footer (bottom) area of the news post displays other news posts that are either Recent News or Related News.

  • Recent News: Displays the most recently published news posts
  • Related News: Displays specific news posts by selecting a related word from Type, Topic, Categories, or Tags

How do I feature News on my site?

The News Feeds and Featured Item module enable users to display a list of news post previews on specific pages of their website.

News Feeds can either display recent news posts or display specific news posts by using Types. For example, if you want only research-related news posts to appear on your Research page, you would insert a List Feed module and insert the type, “research”.

Featured Items can display your most important or targeted news posts on specific pages by using categories. For example, if you want a news post about a major research grant to appear on your Research page, you would assign that news post a “featured research” category and insert the Featured Item module on the Research page.

To add a News Feed or Featured Item:

  • In the editing box, click on the area of where you would like the feed to appear
  • Click on Add Modules and select Featured Item (News) or List Feed (News)
  • Follow the guideline listed here to fill out the appropriate fields for your module
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