Insert icons or text data with text descriptions to feature statistics or highlight achievements/ milestones.

  • Use: Highlight and visualize a statistic or a specific piece of information; contains an icon or text data with a short text description
  • Location: Can be used on any page; use sparingly
  • Capitalization: Sentence case
  • Character limit: Data (8 characters), text (100 characters)

Default shortcode

Infographics (2): Inserts two infographics with descriptive text.

[infographics title="Why Arts?"]
[infographic type="icon" icon="language" text="Participate in local or international programs" data=""]
[infographic type="data" data="90%" text="Graduates who receive job offers within one month after graduation"]


infographics -- begins/ends set of icons
title="" -- adds title to the group of infographics
infographic -- begins a single icon
type="" -- choose "icon" to display an icon or "data" to display text
icon="" -- sets name of icon to be displayed. For the complete list of icons and their names, see:
data="" -- sets text of icon to be displayed, special characters allowed
text="" -- sets text description underneath an icon

*Parameters italicized are optional

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