Courses Posts

Courses posts display course information that are synced from current course offerings on the Student Information System (SIS). You are also able to add custom course information including course and section descriptions, and syllabi.

How to sync courses

It is recommended to sync your courses at the beginning of each term and when you make any adjustments to current courses in the UBC Course Calendar. Syncing will not duplicate or delete any course posts that have already been synced to your site.

If a course has been deleted from the UBC Course Calendar, you will need to manually delete it from the website. (see next section “How to edit courses” for instructions)

To sync your courses from the UBC Course Calendar onto your Arts CMS site:

  • Go to Courses and select the option Sync UBC Courses
  • Click on the grey Sync button to sync your course from UBC Course Calendar to Arts CMS
  • Once you click the Sync button, please DO NOT leave the page until the process is complete.

How to edit courses

To edit and remove courses:

  • In your Dashboard, navigate to Courses
  • To override the course description, select the course you would like to edit. Insert the custom description in the body text field provided, and select “Update”
  • To delete a course, click the checkbox listed beside the course, select “Move to Trash” in the “Bulk Actions” drop-down, and click “Apply”

How do I add/edit customize course sections

If you would like to add additional information to a course section — such as listing the Teaching Assistants, prerequisites, evaluation criteria, required text, or uploading the syllabus — you can customize your sections with the following fields:

  • Body text: Insert a customized section description if it is different from the course description or add any Teaching Assistants
  • Evaluation: Use this field to include any course requirements and grading details. For example: Final exam (60%), Mid-term (20%), Essay (20%)
  • Syllabus: File upload for the syllabus (PDF recommended)
  • Required Reading(s): Readings and materials required for the course

To modify course sections:

  • In your Dashboard, go to Courses. Click on Edit Course, for the course you want to modify.
  • Under Sections, find the course section you want to customize and click on add custom
  • Go to Courses and select the Sections option. Find the course section that was created and click on the title
  • Under Section Fields, fill out the desired information and click on Update to save your changes

Modify the course subject codes and course numbers

If you want to make a change to the course subject codes and/or course numbers that are being displayed on your Arts CMS site, please contact the Arts ISIT Help Desk and we will assist you with your changes.

Please provide us with the specific course subject codes, and specific course numbers (if applicable), that you would like to add or remove from the Course syncing process in your request.

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