Locations Posts

Locations posts show users where specific locations are on a map that can be embedded on pages or posts. You can add a title and short description to each location to provide users with more information.

How to add/edit a location

Once you have locations posts enabled on your website, go to your Dashboard, and on the left-hand side you’ll notice the Locations section. Click here and it will take you to view all items. On this page, click Add New and it will take you to the visual editor similar to other post types.

Here you will need to add the title of your location to the Title section.

To add a short description, enter the text in the visual or text editor body.

Now, go to the Locations Fields section and enter the Latitude and Longitude coordinates of your location. To find your location coordinates:

  • Go to https://maps.google.com/
  • Type in the address of your location into the search bar and click search
  • Find your location’s pin and then right-click the pin
  • This will show you the latitude and longitude coordinates of that location
  • Take those coordinates and enter them into their respective fields in the Locations Fields section
  • Click Publish

Please keep in mind that adding a locations post will add the location to your entire site and not just one specific map.

How to add/embed a map

In order to add or embed a map on a page, add this shortcode to the Text editor view.
[arts_cms_map zoom="5" lat="49.26050015150444" lng=" -123.24606890369978"]

When editing this code, make sure that you add your values in between the quotation marks of each respective value.

  • Start with the map coordinates, enter the latitude and longitude of a central location. For example, if you wanted to show a map of Canada, add those coordinates here.
  • Then adjust the Zoom ratio. This may need to be adjusted several times to get the scale you’re looking for.
  • Click Publish
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