Post Archive

Creates a custom feed that displays general posts created on the website. Please note that the post archive does not use News or Events posts.

  • Use: An area to help users easily search, filter, and browse posts within the website, such as academic job postings and faculty members’ publications.
  • Location: Can be used on all pages

Default shortcode

[archive-posts title="Archive Post" taxonomy="category" taxterm="" search="true" limit="-1" order="DESC" orderby="date" noposts="" markup="" show_content="true" display="list" only_list="false"]


display="" -- sets type of archive; "list" for list view and "grid" for grid view 
markup="" -- styling for post archive; "ap-list" for lists and "ap-grid" for grids 
noposts="" -- Displays custom message when archive is empty; default message is "Sorry, there are no posts available at this time." 
only_list="" -- toggle "Displaying results x of x" text; "true" will NOT display feature and "false" will display this feature.
order="" -- Set post archive order; ASC for ascending or DESC for descending 
orderby="" -- sets method of ordering post archive; "title", "date" and "rand"
search="" -- displays the search bar; "false" to hide search bar and "true" to display search bar 
show_content="" -- display snippet of content on post archive; "false" to hide content snippet or "true" to display content snippet 
title="" -- the title of the post archive 
taxonomy="" -- Filtering method for post archive; method is set to "category" by default  
taxterm="" -- Specific taxonomy term name (eg. "job-opportunites" for categories)
viewmore="" -- Set a limit for the number of posts to be displayed before clicking a "View More" button

*Parameters italicized are optional

Additional note

  • You can add a dropdown menu to the post archive by creating parent-child taxonomy under Posts > Categories; you will need to create a taxonomy with 3 levels of parent-child taxonomies; the last 2 levels will correspond to dropdown filters on the post archive
  • For example:
    • Parent Category: Publications
      • Child Category 1: Topic
        • Child Category 2: Italian Studies
      • "Italian Studies" will be a dropdown option available on the post archive, in the dropdown filter labelled as "Topic"
  • In post archive shortcode, assign the Parent Category in the taxterm parameter (eg.[archive-posts taxonomy="category" taxterm="publications" display="grid" search="true" markup="ap-grid" show_content="true" order="DESC" orderby="date" title="Publications" item_label="publications"])
  • To assign a Post to this archive, in the post archive, select the "Publications" category as well as the specific filtering options (e.g. "Topics" and "Italian Studies")

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